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We Are A Full Service Portland Plumbing Company

In the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, maintaining clear and functional drainage systems is crucial for homeowners and businesses alike. River City Environmental emerges as a leader in professional drain cleaning services, providing reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions to Portland’s unique challenges. With a deep understanding of the local infrastructure and a commitment to superior service, River City Environmental ensures your drains remain free-flowing and environmentally compliant, safeguarding your property and the community’s waterways.

The Importance of Professional Drain Cleaning

Effective drain cleaning goes beyond the immediate relief of clogs; it’s a preventative measure that protects your property from water damage, preserves the integrity of your plumbing system, and ensures the health and safety of occupants. Professional drain cleaning addresses the root causes of blockages, from grease and sediment buildup to tree root intrusion, preventing recurring issues and potential emergencies. In Portland’s diverse climate, where heavy rainfalls can stress drainage systems, regular, professional cleaning is essential for preventing backups and flooding.

Introducing River City Environmental

River City Environmental, a trusted name in Portland for comprehensive environmental and plumbing services, specializes in professional drain cleaning. Our team of experienced technicians utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly methods to deliver thorough cleaning services that meet Portland’s high standards for quality and sustainability. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship, River City Environmental is your partner in maintaining a healthy, efficient drainage system.

Our Drain Cleaning Services in Portland

We offer a wide array of drain cleaning services tailored to the needs of Portland’s residences and businesses:

  • Residential and commercial drain cleaning
  • High-pressure water jetting
  • Sewer line inspection and cleaning
  • Storm drain cleaning and maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance programs

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your drainage system is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and maintained to prevent future issues.

Advanced Techniques and Technologies

River City Environmental employs advanced techniques and technologies in all our drain cleaning services. High-pressure water jetting effectively removes blockages and buildup without damaging pipes, while video inspection technology allows us to accurately identify and diagnose issues within your drainage system. These modern solutions enable us to provide precise, non-invasive, and effective cleaning services, setting us apart in the Portland market.

Why Choose River City Environmental?

Choosing River City Environmental for your drain cleaning needs means selecting a provider that values:

  • Reliability: We offer timely, responsive service to address your drainage issues promptly.
  • Expertise: Our team is trained in the latest drain cleaning techniques and technologies.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize clear communication, transparency, and ensuring your satisfaction with our services.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Our eco-friendly cleaning methods protect Portland’s natural beauty and water quality.

Environmental Responsibility

At River City Environmental, our commitment to the environment is integral to our services. We use environmentally safe cleaning agents and practices, ensuring that our work not only resolves your immediate drainage issues but also contributes positively to the health of Portland’s ecosystem. Our dedication to sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations underscores our role as a responsible partner in Portland’s community.

Scheduling Your Drain Cleaning Service

Initiating your drain cleaning service with River City Environmental is straightforward and hassle-free. Contact us through our website or by phone to discuss your needs, and we’ll schedule a service at your convenience. Our team will assess your drainage system, provide a detailed explanation of the recommended services, and perform the cleaning efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruption to your daily activities.


For Portland, Oregon, residents and businesses seeking dependable, professional, and environmentally responsible drain cleaning services, River City Environmental offers the expertise, reliability, and dedication you need. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental stewardship makes us the trusted choice for all your drain cleaning needs. Partner with River City Environmental to ensure your drainage system is in optimal condition, protecting your property and contributing to a cleaner, healthier Portland.


The plumbing experts at River City Environmental will treat you and your home with upmost courtesy. Our professional plumbers are pre-screened through background checks and drug tested so you can feel safe about the people coming into your home. Our plumbers have years of experience serving the Portland area.



River City also offers all types of commercial plumbing services for your business. Grease traps, commercial drain cleaning, and more. 


Drain Cleaning

Drains clog. That’s just the facts of life. But when it happens it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Let River City help. We offer drain cleaning services to the entire Portland Metro Area. Whether residential or commercial. Inside or outside. We can clear the clog quickly and professionally. 



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River City Environmental, Inc. has provided environmental services, starting in the Portland metropolitan area and now throughout the Northwest, for over 25 years. Since 1995, we’ve grown to one of the largest and most experienced full-service environmental, sewer, septic and stormwater management companies in the Northwest. Based in Portland, we’re Working Together for a Clean Environment.

“I had a great experience working with River City Environmental and I would highly recommend them. The staff was very nice and professional. I had to hook up to the City Sewer and decommission my septic tank onsite. These guys did the whole job, including putting my fence back up!”

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“My company used River City Environmental for major plumbing issues with all of our toilets. I would definitely call them for any plumbing needs. They were fast, reliable, and reasonably priced. Everything that was happening was explained to me in detail and all of my questions were answered. They really have great customer service!”

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“We had an old water pipe explode over-night. It flooded the bay area of our auto repair shop. It made it almost impossible for staff to work. I called River City Environmental. They sent over a couple of brilliant plumbers who were fast and efficient.”

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